Everything through one cable –
Forward-looking OR integration via IP

The future in the OR has already begun. Using EIZO’s IP-based OR infrastructure, you can already intelligently link various devices and technologies. EIZO CuratOR Alipe expands the CuratOR portfolio with a standardized, modular, expandable network solution that ensures the transmission of various data without discernible delay. Even over wide distances.

CuratOR Alipe is flexibly scalable – new components can simply be added as needed using plug and play.

CuratOR Alipe - future proofed and flexible

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Modalities in the OR

Connecting modalities, even through various interfaces

IP transceiver

Everything via a network connection: Video, Audio, Control (device, keyboard and mouse control)

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Camera signals

Image signals from room cameras and light-mounted camera

Control of lamps and cameras

Everything is possible: Turn light on, off or dim, pan and zoom camera

Network camera

IP-based devices can be connected directly to the network

Vast distances

Transmissions to distant rooms for training classes and conferences or streaming to remote locations for connected health applications.


Recording and archiving of images and video data


Seamless integration of hospital information systems


Multiple images on a monitor via one cable: e.g. Side-by-Side, Picture-in-Picture, QuadView

Monitors in the OR

Every image available everywhere at all times

Remote workspace

Connection to every server and every modality

Central operation

System operation using the Caliop control software

Audio transmission

Information exchange, consultation, and training – communication can even be external

Mobile systems

The standardized network interface simplifies the integration of mobile systems

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