The core functionality of the CuratOR Alipe is contained in the TIP0210-DVI hardware component, which can be used simultaneously as an encoder and decoder (transceiver).

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Technical Facts Transceiver

Encoder and decoder in one device

Uncompressed, loss-free data transmission

Video transmission of up to 10 GB / sec.

Two video links can be processed simultaneously

Multiple views possible on a monitor

Mouse and keyboard function via the network

Audio and USB support

Passive cooling

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Network connector:
Bandwith of 10 Gb/s, prepared for optical module (SFP+ 10G LC)

The TIP0210-DVI is available with an optional optical module to connect to the network. The data are transmitted via fiber optic making extended distances possible, regardless of whether image, audio, video or control data.

RJ45 Connector (for future use)

USB connectors for HID devices:
USB/A x 2, USB/B x 1

Connect a mouse, keyboard and/or touchscreen to the transceiver for data control. For example, a computer in a remote computing center can be operating via the EIZO system directly from OR.

Video connection:
DVI-D x 1 (in / out), DVI-D x 1 (out / loop through)

Up to two video links can be processed concurrently with one TIP0210-DVI. One of the DVI video interfaces can be used as the input, and the other DVI interface as the output, at the same time. The connected video signal can also be lopped back through the second DVI interface. The Transceiver allows image transmission in full HD resolution with a frame rate of 60 Hz. It works without compression and fully retains the color space.


RJ11 connector (for future use)

Audio connectors:
Audio jack x 2 (in/out)

Connection of microphone, loud speakers or headset.

Connector for external power supply (12 V)

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